Adult Swimming & Fitness
PLEASE NOTE: Adult fitness morning hours will begin at 5:00am starting Monday, September 12.
New Pricing:  $30/month

Central Park Adult Swimming & Fitness is designed to give adults the opportunity to train for various competitions, stay in shape, or simply enjoy the sport of swimming. In this program, participants swim at their own pace. Flexible practice times are available, come as often as you please. Participants of Adult Swimming and Fitness are also invited to train on Sunday mornings during the Open Water practice (see below).    



Morning Mid-Day
Monday 6:00--8:00 11:00-1:00
Tuesday 6:00--8:00 11:00-1:00
Wednesday 6:00--8:00 11:00-1:00
Thursday 6:00--8:00 11:00-1:00
Friday 6:00--8:00 11:00-1:00
Saturday -------------- ---------------
Sunday* -------------- ---------------

Open Water Swim is available, by request, on Sunday mornings only. 


Open Water Swimming

Train to swim in the open water! By request, the Jeff Rouse Competition Pool may be converted from a lap pool to an open water course for two hours on Sunday mornings. Athletes swim a circular course around buoys placed in the pool. This program is available Sunday only.